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Anaxeo - We Are Real Time Lead Generation Experts

We inhabit a digitally connected ecosystem that constantly changes and evolves; so do the ways and means we brand, promote, market and sell. There is no point solution that will work for any brand or objective

Here at Anaxeo we’re committed to making lead generation prosperous for your business in order to establish a long-term working relationship. Unlike most agencies, we offer a more consultative service and deliver leads in real-time – helping to maximise ROI.

Our campaigns are run by real people for better campaign judgement and improved performance monitoring. This ensures your company gains not just more leads, but more conversions, more sales.

And we only charge for the leads we generate at a price that is acceptable to you

All of the leads we generate are warm, targeted and exclusively for you – we never resort to unethical practices such as cold calling, email spam or reselling your leads to your competitors

How we do it?

1. Insight

We’ll ask all the right questions in order to understand your business goals and processes – then develop the best online lead generation strategy for you.

2. Compliance

Born out of a highly regulated industry, we understand the importance of being beyond reproach in relation to legal requirements and always deliver GDPR-compliant leads.

3. AD Creatives That Convert

Ad creatives (Images, text, videos, carousel). It’s not easy to know how exactly you want to get started when it comes to Facebook Ad design. There’s so much to take into consideration and it’s no surprise that brands and marketers alike feel stumped when it’s time to head to the drawing board. But this is not your case. Or it won’t be anymore! We are always designing the highest-performing Facebook Ad creatives campaigns possible.

4. Customers Through Advanced Targeting

Anaxeo possesses an advanced understanding of Facebook’s advertising algorithm, including auction manipulation to ensure advert delivery and audience optimisation for every campaign. The right ads in front of the right people provides high quality leads for less.

5. The Landing Page That Converts

Crafting a high converting landing page is not for the faint of heart. There are dozens of different components to keep in mind, a whole science of psychology lurking beneath the surface, and the vague idea of “what the customer wants” whispering in the background. This means that creating an effective page involves more than simply designing something that “looks good.” We will build a highly convertible Landing Page for your business without any extra fee, because our main goal is to deliver the high quality leads for your business and we do care about our reputation.

6. The Submission​

When the customer has submitted his info, you’ll receive all information about him by email or direct to a CRM in real time. The lead is yours and yours only. Your prospect has read the relevant information by the time they have clicked the submit button so they are fully aware of your product or service.

7. Winning Marketing Strategy

We will create a marketing strategy for your business that will deliver more traffic, more engagement, more leads and more sales.

Anaxeo run sustainable, highly converting ADS

That deliver leads exclusively for you on a schedule that suits your business​

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