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Getcourse is a cloud based sales & training platform for seminars, training, courses, face-to-face and online classes with over 15,000 entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers.

The platform includes everything that an online academy needs: Webinars, Training, Online School Website, Email Broadcast, CRM, Sales Management, and much more.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yandex Direct
Online education video courses are booming in our days and a lot of coaches make a good amount of money, no doubt about it.

The challenge was to build trust about the creator and uniqueness of his video course. As we all know, people would like to find free relevant themes/topics in Google, Bing and Youtube.

“In 2018, the creator of the educational course in the health and wellness industry asked me to help him to build the right funnel to sell his educational video course for Russian speaking people around the World. This was his first experience in the online education business, therefore we have started everything from scratch. Build the plan, strategy, tactics, funnels etc.

"I have suggested creating TWO separate landing pages. One for lead generation where people just sign up and the second landing page is only for direct purchases. Two different approaches to close the deal and see which tactic performs in a better way.

The ad text, creatives for a paid campaigns was on me. There were different test campaigns to find the right spot. We found it. The conversion rate from leads to buying customers was good, but I still wasn’t fully satisfied.

Using analytical tools, I saw that 26% of people started their order, but haven't completed their purchase.

Apart from the standard approach, sending emails and retargeting, I came up with an idea to add a valuable funnel for those 26% of people. As a result, the conversion rate increased by 14%."

Real Time Lead Generation Experts

We inhabit a digitally connected ecosystem that constantly changes and evolves; so do the ways and means we brand, promote, market and sell. There is no point solution that will work for any brand or objective

Here at Anaxeo we’re committed to making lead generation prosperous for your business in order to establish a long-term working relationship. Unlike most agencies, we offer a more consultative service and deliver leads in real-time – helping to maximise ROI. Plus, our Pay Per Lead approach means you’ll only pay for tangible results.

Our campaigns are run by real people for better campaign judgement and improved performance monitoring. This ensures your company gains not just more leads, but more conversions, more sales.

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