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About Red Rock Entertainment

Red Rock Entertainment Ltd is a film investment and production company. The company acts as executive producers sourcing investment and finance for film and TV projects. Gary Collins is the CEO of Red Rock Entertainment.

Red Rock Entertainment mainly works on projects that are at an advanced stage and are looking for the final amount of financing. As an executive producer, Red Rock Entertainment arranges for investors to visit sets during filming, appear as extras and attend private screenings. It also arranges seminars at Elstree Studios, at which specialists offer advice and insight into the various tax advantages of investing in the UK.

Google & Facebook

In 2017 Red Rock asked me to help them to generate leads who are interested in investments in films with a return of 12% per year, plus additional bonuses depending on how much a person will invest in the selected project. For example, meeting the actors, walking on the red carpet at the film premier and much more.

The minimum amount of investments was 5.000 British Pounds.

"Most of the people are looking to invest in major sectors, like investments, stocks, property, business etc.

According to my research, not many people thought or considered investing in the films.

The goal was to present the campaigns, new investment opportunities, build trust and the right funnel."
"I have suggested creating separate landing pages, campaigns for each film/project separately. On the landing page create the option to select the range of “how much they are willing to invest”, making sure this is a quality lead.

In the ad creatives make a comparison on returns. For example ISA savings offers 0,5-1.5% per annum, while the investments in films is 12%. By building the funnel, I also have suggested that Red Rock representatives should call within 1 hour time slot for a higher conversion rate of closing the potential lead."
Within a 7 weeks period of running the campaigns on Facebook and Google under my supervision, the amount of investments was more than 350,000 British Pounds.

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