Our Approach

In tackling Admiral Markets' digital marketing challenge, we undertook a comprehensive review of past campaigns, dissecting every component. Our approach was multifaceted:

1. Country-Centric Customization: Recognizing that each country possesses its unique mentality and market dynamics, we advised against a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we crafted tailored campaigns, ensuring that creatives and ad text were uniquely aligned with each country's culture and preferences. Our campaigns were designed to employ marketing hooks that resonated deeply with the local audience.

2. Collaboration and Compliance: We worked closely with Admiral Markets' design and compliance teams to create ad creatives that were not only highly converting but also compliant with the complex legal regulations governing financial advertising. This ensured that all marketing materials adhered to industry standards and mitigated the risk of legal challenges.

3. Streamlining Operations: Recognizing operational bottlenecks that hindered efficiency, we restructured processes to align with the company's rules and guidelines. This reengineering led to a smoother workflow and significantly increased overall productivity.

Maximizing Global Reach and Efficiency for Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets, a leading online trading and investment company, sought to optimize its digital marketing strategy across multiple countries. Their goal was to reduce the cost per lead (CPL), increase lead generation, and enhance the conversion rate while respecting the unique cultural nuances of each target market. They turned to our expertise to revamp their approach and achieve outstanding results.
Client: Admiral Markets
Industry: Finance
Website: admiralmarkets.com
Countries Under Anaxeo Supervision:

United Kingdom
Czech Republic


Our efforts yielded remarkable results for Admiral Markets:

1. CPL Reduction: Across all targeted countries, we achieved CPL reductions ranging from 30% to a staggering 60%. These significant reductions translated into substantial cost savings for the client, amounting to thousands of Euros.


Our collaboration with Admiral Markets exemplifies the power of a thoughtful and customized approach to digital marketing, especially in a global context. By acknowledging and respecting the unique characteristics of each target market, we were able to significantly reduce costs, increase leads, and boost conversion rates.

Admiral Markets' success story serves as a testament to the importance of tailoring marketing strategies to individual markets, maintaining compliance with legal regulations, and streamlining operational workflows. In a highly competitive industry, these efforts not only saved resources but also enabled Admiral Markets to reach new heights in their digital marketing endeavors.

2. Increased Leads: Despite maintaining the same dedicated budget, our approach resulted in a remarkable 22% increase in leads. By optimizing the campaigns and targeting, we maximized the impact of the available resources.

3. Conversion Rate Boost: Conversion rates saw substantial improvement, with increases ranging from 17% to 32% depending on the specific country. This enhanced conversion rate directly translated into a higher return on investment for Admiral Markets.